Saturday, December 12, 2009

Reflection: Two Choices

Grab the opportunity every opportunities grab it this is the best way of gaining lesson, knowledge and experiences. Every opportunity is a gift comes from God. He wants us to claim and use it for our own possession in good or proper way. Every people have this kind of gift from God, because God is generous. He wants us to experience the life of being a human with freedom. He wants us to share the things and learning that we have for the sake of other people who doesn’t have this kind of blessing. Some times the opportunities that God gave to us are to many, that why came out to this decision making to choose among those choices or opportunity that Gods given to us. This God’s generosity trying to tell us how the choices that we made make us a good person. Choices are a partner of responsibility. For examples, you made you choice to be the president of the Philippines the responsibility comes after this decision. In my life as seminarians the gift that god gave to me is quite big. I have to take care of it because he trusted me to be a responsible person to all the things that he wanted me to done or to accomplished it. In this story his father wanted him to play the baseball so he asks the boys which is the player if they can accept Shay as their teammates. The boys answer “why not?” again this a opportunity for Shay although he don’t know how to handle a baseball bat now the responsibility is on him if he do not make a home run their may be got lost. He tried his best until on time he got it. This is it; responsibility is a partner of choices. He decided to join he got the responsibility although he don’t know it they still won because he grab the opportunity.

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