Saturday, December 12, 2009

Reflection Paper: Earned respect with the Truth

Honesty and Openness are a good virtues, it will make you feel comfortable because it will make you a good citizen. They will respect you because you can share your feelings and knowledge to them. Young of today’s generation wanted to express their thoughts through technology. Many young people thinks that being open means you surrender your self to something or some body, but they don’t know the beautiful effect of it. For example, you snatch the money about P 50,000 fifty thousand pesos inside the bag of your friend your case will become bigger or harder if you will not admit that you get the money. Suddenly if you admit it the miracles or beauty of being honest will come.

I my life today as a seminarian being open and honest am one of the many-many virtues that we should practicing of. I think I do not have any secret that I am hiding of, especially now that I am a seminarian already. The story tells us that “He won more than a trophy” that’s right. Trophy is the physical gift that a person can give but other than that are feeling of being open to some body. You will feel the peace if you will share your experiences. We usually did this kind of openness especially in our group dynamics. You will feel the presence of peace on your life if you will say your thought and you will share also your knowledge about them.

It is had to be open and honest. You have to trust them.

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