Saturday, December 12, 2009

Reflection: Installing love

All the people needs someone or something to be love and somebody will love him/ her. In this story we need some one who will guide us like the technical support acting as a councilor in giving advices to the customer which is the patient.

Love can be installed to everyone. It’s a matter of choice because you know for me love is sacrifice. If you want to install love you will suppose to be suffering because of its consequence, the sacrifice. If you install it to your self be ready to have some virus or problems that will come after you. I will give some of the viruses that will be going to affect you. If are willing to love that Lord our God Jesus Christ, you have to offer our life to him. You have to be obedient to what ever he wanted you to do. You have to be poor because God is also poor but he is rich in love. And you have to become chaste because he I chaste too. Another example is this if you love something for examples your studies you have to offer your time for it. You have to use your mind to be able to accomplish your mission to finish and achieve your love. Another one is this, if you love somebody you have to sacrifice the others you to be focus to his/her whom being. You have to protect him/her. You have to give him/her a shelter, personal and basic needs, and most of all love, love that will last forever.

Always remember that being in love with someone, somebody and something; you have to sacrifice also someone, somebody, something, your feeling, your self, your past, your present, your future and everything.

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