Saturday, December 12, 2009

Reaction on We will see what happen

All the things that we wanted may have a plan, this is the best way that an individual can do for our own benefits. We need a plan for ourselves for the benefits of our days. But sometimes there is something that we didn’t expect may it e good or bad for us. We did not plan it but it is still and always coming. “We will see what happen” in this story the passenger has their own plan to be at Norfolk, Virginia. But there is this problem came into the plan of the entire passenger. The only thing that the passenger can do to this problem is to disobey their plans to be here and to continue going to Virginia. But the passengers still wanted o go at Norfolk. They want to follow their plan for that particular day and see what happen. In spite of this technical problem of the air plane they still arrived at Norfolk.

The lesson that I wanted to share to you about this story are: always plan your day, your whole life and see what happen. Make your day as if it is the last and if you disobey your plan you will never know what things may happen may it be good or bad. We cannot control others. We just need to have trust to everyone.

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