Saturday, December 12, 2009

Reflection: Bad Temper

Day passed very fast and almost everyday we’ve got a lesson and experiences that will helps us in our future or even now, bur we did not know it because we didn’t recognize the good or even bad experiences that we had everyday of our life. We have to recognize the gift that gave to us everyday to be able to become a good person or a person that can be a good controller of his/her life. The strategies that the father of the boy is quite good if you think you do not have any extra time to be able to this. Here in the seminary we have this time of recognizing the past day that we had as part of our daily schedule the examination of consciousness. Here we tried our best to remember the good or bad experiences that we had in the whole day. Here also you will discover the things or blessing that God gave to you, as me about it. I really discovered a lot, the feeling that I am a seminarian already, my weaknesses and strength, the reason why I became angry with one person, the knowledge that he gave to me, the sin that I’ve done and many more. In the story after removing the nail on the fence the mark are still there. In the examination of consciousness there is a mark also that you will or still feeling that you had this kind of experiences. This is the day that you recognize your good or bad experiences. I will suggest that you use also this examination of consciousness to be able to recognize your feeling.

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