Saturday, December 12, 2009

My own insights bout the educational Technology

The earlier times, when the people are not yet discovered the technology by themselves. They use to do things by manual ways. They used to teach through manual communication, through explanation and manual discussion. In this time the education, idea, knowledge is not easily passing to everyone. It’s hard because it is slow, low quality and sometimes they misunderstand the point of the teacher.

Now a day the knowledge, idea, and opinion are now easy to share to and everyone because of what we called “Educational Technology” this matters help a lot in field of education it helps the education by making it easily to teach and understand.

But my own experience about this Educational Technology, it really helps us a lot. I don’t need to go and search a book that I need in the library because now we have internet, all the information’s that you need, in just one click you will got it. I don’t need to search some of the examples because their in the power pint of my teacher he/she ma insert it as easy as that.

Meanwhile this Educational Technology may also give bad habits and some bad things. For example, now a day we have a “computer teacher” what I mean is the computer that can teach. Sometimes the technologies teach you something that will lead you to wrong answer ad confusion about the real truth.

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